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Relationship Counselling Hibiscus Coast - Auckland

Hi, my name is David. I'm a relationship counsellor in Hibiscus Coast, Orewa, Auckland.


I believe the effects of unhealthy environments and unsatisfying relationships, both in the past and the present, are what make life hard, rather than there being anything ‘wrong’ with people.


I can help when life is hard, whether you feel depressed, anxious, have relationship difficulties, feel trapped, confused or just need support in a difficult time. 


I offer relationship therapy and couples counselling with most presenting issues. I can help with issues such as affairs, communication problems, insecurity, intimacy issues, relationship anxiety or any other of life's challenges. 


The couples therapy is both in-depth and practical, aimed at providing lasting change.  I work collaboratively with my clients in a non-judgemental way to gain insights and process old pains to bring about new ways of feeling and being. 


I am trained and effective in Transactional Analysis, Integrative Psychotherapy and general counselling and am a member of NZAC.



Most seen relationship issues in my practice:

  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution


  • Dealing with unmet needs in the relationship
  • Dealing with how the past interferes in the current relationship


  • Coping with the pressures of children
  • Coping with the pressures modern life puts on a relationship
Adultary, an affair, cheating or infidelity Adultery, affair, infidelity

Relationship counselling in Auckland when you suffer from adultary, an affair, cheating or infidelity in your relationship:

Commitment phobia Commitment phobia

Relationship counselling in Auckland when you suffer from commitment phobia, fear of commitment, fear of relationships and commitment issues:

Communication problems Communication problems

Relationship counselling in Auckland when you suffer from communication problems, communication issues and communication difficulties in your relationship:

Intimacy issues Intimacy issues

Relationship counselling in Auckland when you suffer from intimacy issues and intimacy problems in your relationship:

Marriage Counselling Auckland Marriage problems

Marriage counselling in Auckland when you suffer from marriage problems in your relationship:

Relationship fights Relationship fights

Relationship counselling in Auckland when you suffer from relationship fights and relationship conflict in your relationship:

Practical info

Fees: Individuals $120, Couples $130 per session. Discounts available for low income and long term clients.
Qualifications: Diploma in Professional Counselling NZIP
Registrations and accreditations: Provisional Member of the NZ Association of Counsellors (ProvMNZAC)


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