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Adultery, affair, infidelity - Relationship Counselling Auckland

Has there been adultary, an affair, cheating or infidelity in your relationship, and are you looking for a relationship counsellor in Auckland?


Infidelity can severely strain any relationship. They break the bond of trust and often trigger a complex web of emotions for the individual who has been betrayed. As a result, infidelity can greatly affect the health, well-being and overall quality of life for everyone involved. 


An affair is a relational issue and there may be many reasons as to why they occur. Often they are the symptom of longer-term problems. Although many people choose to end their relationship following the discovery of an affair, a great number will want to work things through. 


Infidelity may deeply shake the foundations of a relationship, but it can paradoxically make it stronger - especially if there is an attempt to rebuild trust and communication, and deal with the relationship problems that may have led to the infidelity. 


Relationship counsellors in Auckland who can support you with (relationship) therapy and counselling when you suffer from adultary, an affair, cheating or infidelity in your relationship:

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