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Do you have communication problems in your relationship, and are you looking for a relationship counsellor in Auckland?


Communication issues can develop in many different circumstance or social relationship. Communication issues may lead to arguments or tension in personal, platonic, or professional relationships. In some instances, conflicts may arise, and these conflicts can make communication even more challenging.


Situations and factors that can contribute to communication issues are:


  • Difference in opinion
  • Different cultural backgrounds
  • Poor listening skills
  • Linguistic barriers


  • Health issues
  • Inaccurate assumptions and stereotypes
  • Secrecy and deception
  • Misunderstandings and misinterpretations


Communication challenges are often a factor in relationship issues. Couples who take communication issues into consideration and work to improve or increase communication may find that this to be helpful in the resolution of conflict. 


Communication therapy & counselling

Are you experiencing communication issues and would you like to get some help how to deal with this? Therapy and counselling can help to feel more free and happy.


Relationship counsellors in Auckland who can support you with (relationship) therapy and counselling when you suffer from communication problems in your relationship:


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